For those of you swell souls generous enuf to follow my Instagram know that this year’s Comic Con was beyond the cat’s bananas for me.  Among my highlights was actually getting to walk around and chat a scoche with quite possibly my greatest living hero Paul F. Tompkins which was fairly ridiculous and I still don’t know what bus fulla orphans I unknowingly saved to earn the privilege of doing so.

Paul was there to represent the Thrilling Adventure Hour's World Domination Tour ('cause let's face it, combining THA with SDCC was as overdue as combining Jesus and Cobra Commander which never existed until that very special anniversary episode of The Golden Girls) and I made him the attached fanartisms to thank him for everything The Doyles mean to me.  There isn't a Thrilling Adventure Hour alive that I wouldn't clink to, and the San Diego show was among the clinkiest!

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